History of Aripeka Cemetery 

(a.k.a. Gulf Key or Argo)

(Hernando County)

Although the little community of Aripeka lies in Pasco County the Aripeka Cemetery lies just over the county line in Hernando. There has been much debate as to which side of the county line Aripeka, the community lies.

This small fishing and recreation village has been on Pasco's west coast since the late 1800's. However its cemetery does not seem to be as old. Some of the marked graves date back to the early 1900's but there are more recent burials than old. The community received its name after the Aripeka Sawmill Co., which was established in the nearby Town of Fivay, located near Hudson. The Aripeka Sawmill Co. adopted their name from the grim old medicine man named Chief Aripeka.

Chief Aripeka, leader of the Mikasuki Seminoles, led many battles against the white man at many localities on and near the Gulf Coast, never being defeated or captured. At the end of the Second Seminole Indian War Chief Aripeka lead his people into Southern Florida where he died at the weary age of 110. It is believed, through historical accounts that Chief Aripeka settled in a village site at the mouth of the Weeki Wachi River. There was evidence of this through out the thick shell midden mounds located near the mouth of the river. Upon excavation of this site it was discovered that there were three Indian occupations at this site. It was occupied first by a group of prehistoric Indians around 575 A.D. The second use of this site was by a group of Timucua Indians around 1650 A.D. The third discovery of occupancy was, of course, that of the Seminole Indians during the approximate period of 1800-1835 A.D. There were vast amounts of Seminole Indian pottery found, some of the pots near complete. Since there weren't any other village sites in this area of that size or magnitude, the site found along the Weeki Wachi River is believed to be that of Chief Aripeka and his tribe. There are several Indian Mounds in and around the community of Aripeka and since not all of them can be listed individually I have included their existence with the Aripeka Cemetery. Along with cemeteries, Indian Mounds are also being destroyed with the development of the County. There are several reports of desecrations to mounds, by construction workers and others, where Pasco/ Pinellas County States Attorneys refused prosecution and even though there was substantial evidence in each case.

Mr. and Mrs. Weeks and Mr. and Mrs. Ellis donated the cemetery property to the Aripeka Baptist Church; dates are unknown at this time. The cemetery sits on a hill along the banks of Hunter Lake. It is believed that this is the lake where the famous Babe Ruth learned how to fish with a rod n' reel. There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery and some of those may date farther back than the early 1900's but there is no real way to find out. Many of the graves are simply marked with small stones with just initials and no dates. There are also many temporary markers that have survived in place through out time. These markers are often targets of the mower and do not survive very long. There are many common and local funeral home names on these markers such as: Duval, North, Michels & Lundquist, Moss, Brewer, and Wellwood. The dates and names on these markers are not legible and may never be known since some funeral homes will not share records. This cemetery is pretty well maintained and seems to get attention often.

Headstone Transcriptions for Aripeka Cemetery

NOTE:  In addition to the taking of a headstone inscription reading we have also consulted a number of other records including but not limited to cemetery research by Mary Wilson, Florida Death Index*, Local Funeral Home Records, W.P.A. Records, Unpublished Genealogical Society Records, obituaries and newspaper articles.  If we have an obituary on file for someone listed we would be happy to provide a copy upon request.

**This cemetery contains numerous unmarked graves, many of which used to be located in the Old Aripeka Cemetery.  This is one of the most comprehensive list of burials one will find for Aripeka Cemetery.**

s/o - Son Of
d/o - Daughter Of
w/o - Wife Of
h/o - Husband Of
ss/w- Side by Side With

ACREMAN, Fannie L.  b. 1904  d. 1983 (Wellwood Funeral Home)*
ACREMAN, Vera  b. 1931  d. 1992, (Brewer Memorial Funeral Home)*
ACREMAN, William  b. July 5, 1900  d. 1994 (National Cremation Soc.)
ALLIGOOD, James   (no recorded info)*
ALLIGOOD, Roberta L.  b. July 22, 1900  d. Nov. 12, 1966
ANDERSON, William R.  b. 1901  d. 1974 (North Funeral Home)*
ANGEL, Jack  b. 1921  d. Open Date
ANGEL, Maxine  b. 1920  d. Open Date
ANGEL, Pierre  b. 1954  d. Open Date
ATKINS, Lovey A.  b. April 22, 1835  d. Nov. 7, 1914 *

B.F.M.- (NOTE: This is a small footstone- headstone is missing)
BAILEY, Nell Peterson  b. June 3, 1891  d. Jan. 2, 1929 *
BAILLIE, Roy Edward  b. Feb. 7, 1958 d. Jan. 24, 1978 *
BAKER, Corene J.  b. Oct. 28, 1906  d. Sept. 21, 1989 *
BAKER, Ethel H.  b. April 16 1911  d. No Date *
BAKER, Graydon, b. Sept. 28 1910  d. June 12, 1978 *
BARTELL, Glen  (No dates recorded)*
BAUKNIGHT, Milda C.  b. Dec. 29, 1832  d. June 20, 1858 *
BAUKNIGHT, Ralph  b. Aug. 1, 1899  d. Oct. 23, 1990 *
BEARD, Edith O.  b. Feb. 23, 1879  d. July 19, 1946 *
BEARD, Infant  b. June 29, 1913  d. June 19, 1913
BEARD, William J.  b. April 24, 1872  d. Sept. 18, 1953 *
BELLAMY, Annie Mae  d. Dec. 5, 1907 *
BELLAMY, Douglas M.  b. March 5, 1902  d. April 6, 1970 *
BELLAMY, Franlin James  b. Nov. 4, 1878  d. Feb. 29, 1956 *
BELLAMY, Lenora Douglas  b. April 17, 1883  d. Aug. 12, 1950 *
BERGERON, Almanzo J., b. 1893  d. 1972 *
BISHOP, Elmer R.  b. 1954  d. 1978, (Brewer Mememorial Funeral Home)*
BISHOP, Louise I.  b. 1926  d. 1966 *
BISHOP, Oliver J.  b. 1928  d. 1972  (Duval Funeral Home- New Port Richey)*
BONDURANT, Annie May "Mother"  b. June 1877  d. May 1908 *
BONDURANT, Aulty  b. Oct. 1903  d. Nov. 1905 (d/o Annie May) *
BRADLEY, John D. Sr.  b. May 20, 1855  d. Feb. 19, 1934 *
BRADLEY, Nancy Wiggins  b. Dec. 25, 1816  d. Sept. 14, 1896 *
BRADLEY, Rev. R.J.  b. Dec. 12, 1830  d. Nov. 22, 1896 *
BRICKER, Robert Clemens  b. 1920  d. 1978  (North Funeral Home)*
BRYANT, "Joe" S. (Josiah)  b. Feb. 14, 1884  d. May 9, 1967 *
BRYANT, Nannie, b. May 29, 1885  d. Sept 18, 1970 *
BURHAM, Beatrice S.  b. Dec 25 1896  d. Feb 9 1982  (ss/Joanquina VILLAFANA)*
BURHAM, Shirley  (No info recorded) *
BURNS, Betty Zeigler  b. Jan. 17, 1881  d. Sept. 20, 1957 *

CAMPBELL, Bradshaw W.  b. April 16, 1913  d. Feb. 8, 1988 *
CAMPBELL, Pauline C.  b. May 31, 1919  (No other info recorded) *
CARNELL, John M.  b. May 5 1893  d. Nov 28 1967 (MISS PVT WWII)(
CARNELL, Ruth Kidd, b. Jan 2 1901 d. May 12 1973 *
CARNELL, William B.  b. 1890 d. 1974 *
CHASTAIN, Oran A.  b. 1900 d. 1967 *
CHITWOOD, Henry C.  b. Nov 10 1895  d. Dec 23 1971  (KY PVT WWI) *
CONNER, Albert  b. 1906  d. 1917 *           
CONNOR, Jerome W.  b. Apr 3 1949 d. Jun 14 1985 *
CONNOR, Maud G.  b. 1886 d. 1953 *
CONNOR, Phillip Alonzo  b. 1877  d. 1949 *
CONNER, William A., b. 1905 d. 1979 *
COOK, Anna  (No other info) *
COX, Joan  b. Jul 23 1933 d. Jan 27 1992, (Married June 15, 1952) *
COX, Lincoln  b. Jul 25 1896  d. Mar 3 1980 *
COX, Ruth E.  b. Jun 19 1904  d. Feb 24 1981 *
COX, Marvin  b. Oct 30 1932  d. Open Date *
CRISS, Carrie  (No other info recorded) *
CRISS, Ogden H.  b. 1921  d. Jan 26 1984, (Wellwood Funeral Home- Hudson)*

DARBY, John W.  b. July 4, 1832  d. April 11, 1894 *
DARBY, Mary  b. Oct. 12, 1807  d. June 22, 1898 *
DARBY, Olinda A.  b. 1855  d. 1930 *
DOUGLAS, James William  b. Feb. 23, 1855  d. Nov. 10, 1938 *
DOUGLAS, Mamie E.  b. March 4, 1877  d. Dec. 11, 1849 *
DOUGLAS, Virginia Atkins  b. Feb. 28, 1862  d. May 12, 1939 *
DOUGLAS, Williard Randal  b. Oct. 14, 1900  d. July 9, 1917 *
DOUGLAS, William Rufus  b. Dec. 22, 1882  d. Sept. 28, 1942 *
DURBIN, Anna M.  b. 1892 d. 1968 *
DURBIN, Bessie  b. 1901 d. Open Date *
DURBIN, Roy L.  b. 1904 d. 1974 *
DUSING, Herman A.  b. 1903 d. 1973 *

EDWARDS, William  b. March 4, 1956  d. Jan. 21, 1983 *
EQUEVILLEY, Dora, b. Feb 26 1893 d. Nov 13 1967 *
EQUEVILLEY, Romaine F., b. Mar 13 1890 d. Jan 10 1968 *
ESHELMAN, (?)  (No other info recorded)*

F.H.M.- No other information (NOTE: This is a small footstone- headstone is missing)
FAIRCLOTH, Taylor  b. July 15, 1870  d. Jan. 9, 1945 *
FESLER, (?)  (No other info recorded)*
FISHER, Georgia Eudena  b. Feb. 12, 1911  d. July 16, 1981 *
FISHER, Robert Earl  b. Feb. 21, 1900  d. Sept. 16, 1978 *
FULLER, Howard F.  b. Nov. 7, 1892  d. June 12, 1970 *
FULLER, Leila I. Carnell  b. 1908 d. 1975 *

GARNETT, White, b. 1913 d. Open Date, (Unk. Funeral Home Marker)
GARNETT, Williams, b. no date d. no date, (Unk. Funeral Home)
GEIGER, Louise  (No other info recorded)*
GOOCH, Bonita  (No other info recorded)*
GOOCH, John Paul  (No other info recorded)*
GOOCH, Larry Ray  b. Oct. 29, 1964 d. April 26, 1967 * (Old Cem. 2nd row from fence)
GOOCH, Mildred  (No other info recorded)*
GRAY, Irvan  (No other info recorded)*
GRAY, Stela  (No other info recorded)*
GROVER, Albert  (No other info recorded)*
GROVER, Authur Elmer  b. Nov 12 1901 d. Apr 20 1971  (US Navy WWII- Brewer Funeral Home- Blk F, Lot 8, Grave #1)*
GROVER, Beatrice  b. 1901 d. 1973  (Brewer Funeral Home- In walk between lot 5 & 8)

HALL, Doris Connor  b. 1931  d. 1988 *
HAMAKER, Pauline M.  b. March 22, 1909  d. July 2, 1977 (Blk A, Lot 28)*      
HART, Margaret M.  b. 1920  d. Open Date (ss/w Robert Hart)*
HART, Robert E.  b. 1910  d. 1976  (ss/w Margaret Hart- Blk A, Lot 52, Grave #1)*
HARTFORD, Elizabeth B.  b. 1906  d. 1953 or 1968, (Unk. Funeral Home- Blk F, Lot 1, Grave #2)*
HARTFORD, William F.  b. 1894  d. 1964, (Unk. Funeral Home- Blk F, Lot 1, Grave #1)*
HAUSER, Hauser, Emil E.  b. March 14, 1907  d. April 9, 1979  (PVT ARMY WWII)*
HAY, Authur C.  b. Dec. 10, 1874  d. Aug. 5, 1946 (Old Cem., 2nd Row from fence)*
HENDERSON, Billy  (No other info recorded)*
HENDERSON, Mary Lou  (No other info recorded)*
HILDRETH, A.F.  (No other info recorded)*
HILDRETH, E.F.  (No other info recorded)*
HILDRETH, George Bray  b. 1900  d. Open Date *
HILDRETH, Marvin D.  b. 1899  d. 1972  (Blk F, Lot 7, Grave #1)*
HOUSER, Emil  b. March 14, 1907  d. April 9, 1979  (Pvt US Army WWII- Blk A, Lot 4, Grave #8)*
HURLEY, Edmund  (No other info recorded)*
HURLEY, Ethel  (No other info recorded)*
HURST, Doc Hilton  b. 1900  d. 1983  (Old Cem., 2nd row from east fence)*
HURST, Rana Bay  b. Nov, 13, 1919  d. Sept. 5, 1974  (Old Cem., 2nd row from east fence)*

J.M.B.- No other information (NOTE: This is a small footstone- headstone is missing)
J.M.B., Jr- No other information (NOTE: This is a small footstone- headstone is missing)
JACKSON, Lizzie Belle  b. May 9, 1909  d. Feb. 28, 1993 *
JOHNSON, (?)  1973  (Only date)*
JOHNSON, Robert  b. 1884  d. 1974  (Old Cem., 4th row from east fence)*

KEIPHER, Arty  (No other info recorded)*
KENDRICK, Betty Jane  (No other info recorded)*
KENDRICK, Fern  (No other info recorded)*
KENDRICK, James Harry  b. Dec. 28, 1908  d. Apr. 19, 1943 (Moss Funeral Home- Old Cem., 4th row from east fence)*
KITCHEN, Joseph Allan  b. May 29, 1923  d. Dec. 24, 1975  (Blk F, Lot 12, Grave #2- NOTE: birth on stone reads 1928)*
KITCHEN, Steven Allan  b. July 15, 1962  d. March 18, 1968  (Blk F, Lot 12, Grave #1)*
KOLB, Amanda E.  b. March 10, 1877  d. July 21, 1952  (Old Cem., 1st row next to east fence)*
KOLB, Infant Male  May 28, 1915  (Only date- Old Cem., 1st row next to east fence)*
KOLB, Infant Male  (No other info recorded- Old Cem., 1st row next to east fence)*
KOLB, Fred Wayland  b. May 17, 1913  d. Jan. 15, 1998
KOLB, James B.  b. Oct. 7, 1877  d. Oct. 24, 1945  (Old Cem., 1st row next to east fence)*
KOLB, Jessie V.  b. Mar 4 1914  d. Open Date

LITTELL, Maru  (No other info recorded)*
LITTELL, Sidney  (No other info recorded)*
LOPEZ, Candida  b. 1899  d. 1989 *
LYNCH, Josephine  b. 1888  d. 1977, (Brewer Mememorial Funeral Home- Blk E, Lot 2, Grave #3)*

M.M.J.- (NOTE: This is a small footstone- headstone is missing)
MANUEL, Elsie L.  b. 1911  d. 1970 (Blk A, Lot 1, Grave #1
MANUEL, Frederick G.  b. 1901  d. 1970  (Blk A, Lot 1, Grave #2)*
MATTHEWS, William P.  b. Sept. 14, 1876  d. Jan. 17, 1943  (s/o Frank)*
MILLARD, Perry H.  b. 1936  d. 1998
MILLER, Charles  b. Mar 30, 1924  d. Jan. 1, 1995
MOTTER, Clara Belle G.  b. July 21, 1910   d. No Date *
MOTTER, Clarence A., Sr.  b. May 20, 1911  d. Sept. 12, 1987,  (US NAVY WWII KOREA- Three War- A Patriot)*

NAGEL, Frances  (No other info recorded)*
NAGEL, Gerald R.  b. Sept. 7, 1932  d. Feb. 25, 1992  (PFC USMC- Wellwood Funeral Home- Hudson)*
NEAL, Diane Marie  b. 1986  d. 1988, (Wellwood Funeral Home- Hudson)*
NEWTON, Infant  b. Jan. 30, 1910  d. Jan. 30, 1910 (Infant of A.H. Newton)*
NIEHOFF, Katherine L.  b. 1907  d. 1968  (Mother & Wife- Blk F, Lot 6, Grave #1)*
NORFLEET, Bertha Kolb  b. 1905  d. 1973  (Old Cem., 4th row from east fence)*
NORFLEET, Betty  b. 1937  d. Open Date
NORFLEET, Donna  (No other info recorded)*
NORFLEET, Ellen  (No other info recorded)*
NORFLEET, Henry E.  b. 1901  d. 1964  (Old Cem., 1st row next to east fence)*
NORFLEET, J. Leverne  b. 1903  d. 1979  (Mason- Old Cem., 4th row from east fence)*
NORFLEET, Johnny  (No other info recorded)*
NORFLEET, Nancy  (No other info recorded)*
NORFLEET, Wayne  (No other info recorded)*

PADGETT, Cecelia Irene  b. 1884  d. 1966, (Unk. Funeral Home- Blk E, Lot 2, Grave #1)*
PADGETT, Lawrence A.  b. 1909  d. 1980  (CPL US Army WWII- Blk E, Lot 2, Grave #2)*
PALMER, Beatrice C.  b. July 5, 1915  d. April 5, 1992 *
PALMER, James H.  b. Feb. 16, 1890  d. Dec. 27, 1972  (Mason- Blk A, Lot 27, Grave #2)*
PARR, Francis M.  b. Feb. 29, 1932  d. Oct. 21, 1990  (PFC US ARMY KOREA)*
PENROSE, Authur  b. Jan. 28, 1899  d. Nov. 9, 1979  (Old Cem., 4th row from east fence)*
PENROSE, Fern W.  b. July 5, 1924  d. May 3, 1977  (Old Cem., 4th row from east fence)*
PENROSE, Kathleen B.  b. July 7, 1900  d. Dec. 8, 1984 *
PEREZ, Pablo  b. Jan. 20, 1928  d. Oct. 20, 1995
PHELPS, Margaret A.  b. 1899  d. 1981  (Blk A, Lot 54, Grave #2)*
PHELPS, Robert E.  b. 1890  d. 1980  (Blk A, Lot 54, Grave #1)*
PHILLIPS, Betty  (No other info recorded)*
PHILLIPS, Rober  (No other info recorded)*
PUTWAIN, Florence  b. 1883  d. 1978, (Brewer Mememorial Funeral Home- Blk F, in walk between Lot 10 & 11)*

RAPPOLD, Frank  (No other info recorded)*
RAPPOLD, Gaberiel  (No other info recorded)*
RAULERSON, Infant  1955  (Old Cem., 2nd row from east fence)*
RAULERSON, Wanda M. Conner  b. May 4, 1925  d. May 11, 1990 *
RAULERSON, Woodrow  b. June 19, 1917  d. Jan. 29, 1990 *
REDDING, James T.  b. 1900  d. 1970  (Blk A, Lot 2, Grave #1)*
REDDING, Nora M.  b. 1901  d. 1966  (Blk A, Lot 2, Grave #1)*
REYNOLDS, Floyde  (No other info recorded)*
REYNOLDS, Lela  (No other info recorded)*
RICHARDS, Bernadine C.  b. 1910  d. 1986 *
RICHARDS, Orby K.  b. 1903  d. 1975 (ss/w Bernadine- Blk A, Lot 4, Grave #7)*
RICHARDSON, Jack  b. 1900  d. 1987, (Wellwood Funeral Home- Hudson)*
RICHARDSON, Marie L.  b. Feb. 15, 1900  d. 1983  (Wellwood Funeral Home- Hudson- Blk A, Lot 26, Grave #7)*
ROBINSON, George  (Old Cem., northeast corner of easement- outside cemetery fence)*
ROYAL, Carroll Wood  b. May 12, 1886  d. Feb. 25, 1910  (s/o J.A. & E. P. Royal)

S.A.C.- (NOTE: This is a small footstone- headstone is missing)
S.E.H., Jr.- (NOTE: This is a small footstone- headstone is missing)
SCHAFF, Roland Arthur  b. Jun. 1, 1922  d. May 22, 1986  (SGT USA WWII)*
SCHOLL, Dorothy A.  (No other info recorded)*
SCHOLL, Virgil  (No other info recorded)*
SCRUGGS, Mabel C.  b. 1897  d. 1971  (Old Cem., 4th row from fence)*
SCRUGGS, Mark O.  b. 1899  d. 1983  (Old Cem., 4th row from east fence)*
SCURLOCK, L. Irene  b. Oct. 17, 1921  d. no date  (Married June 7, 1941- ss/w Rev Joesph H.)*
SCURLOCK, Rev. Joseph H.  b. Juyl 8, 1920  d. Oct. 10, 1990  (ss/w L. Irene)*
SHAMBLEN, Beryl C.  b. 1906  d. 1979  (Blk A, Lot 25, Grave #6)*
SCHAMBLEN, Fred  (No other info recorded)*
SCHAMBLEN, Rome  (No ohter info recorded)*
SHAMBLEN, Vada N.  b. 1910  d. Open Date 
SHOEMAKER, Dorothy  b. Oct. 31, 1888  d. Dec. 25, 1966  (w/o W. Kelly- Old Cem., 1st row next to east fence)*
SHOEMAKER, W. Kelly  b. 1887  d. 1960  (Old Cem., 1st row next to east fence)*
SIMPSON, Dorothy M.  b. May 1, 1911  d. Feb. 20, 1986 *
SIMPSON, Norman D.  b. Apr. 1, 1892  d. Nov. 8, 1969  (Blk A, Lot 3, Grave #4)*
SKINNER, Dorothy  (No other info recorded)*
SKINNER, William  (No other info recorded)*
SLAVINSKI, Donald V.  b. Aug. 27, 1931  d. Feb. 22, 1993  (Wellwood Funeral Home- Hudson)
SLAVINSKI, Joshua M.  b. 1978  d. 1993  (Michaels & Lundquist  Funeral Home- New Port Richey)
SNIPES, Amanda W.  b. 1901  d. Open Date  (w/o Marvin)
SNIPES, Marvin L.  b. 1896  d. Open Date  (h/o Amanda)
STAFFORD, Lewis Mitchell  d. Dec. 22, 1947  (s/o of Samuel J Stafford and Ethel Mayer Johnson- Old Cem., 3rd row from east fence)*

TILTON, E. A.  b. No Date d. No Date  (Unk. Fun. Home- Old Cem., 3rd row from east fence)*

VILLAFANA, Joanquina, b. May 5 1902 d. Feb 6 1997  (ss/Manuel VILLAFANA)
VILLAFANA, Manuel, b. Feb 17 1884 d. Jun 16 1992*

WHITE, Male  1913  (Garnett Funeral Home Marker- Old Cem., 3rd row from east fence)*
WILLIAMS, Infant  1934  (Garnett Funeral Home Marker- Old Cem., 3rd row from east fence)*
WIRICK, Lynn V., b. 1892 d. 1983, (Wellwood Funeral Home- Hudson- Blk A, Lot 2-A, Grave #2)
WIRICK, Fran  (No other info recorded)*
WOOD, Carroll, b. May 12 1886 d. Feb 25 1910  (s/o J.A. & E.P. Royal- Old Cem., 3rd row from east fence)*

Headstone Transcriptions and Historical Research by Jeff Cannon- Copyright 2008
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