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Mickler Family Cemetery in Hernando County
Mickler Family Cemetery in Hernando County.

Welcome to the Hernando County Cemeteries- Master Index page.  This page is maintained by the Pasco County Historical Preservation Society, Inc., d/b/a Friends of Hernando County's Historic Cemeteries, a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of Florida.  This section of our web site is dedicated to the research, preservation, and restoration of Henando County's historic cemeteries.  The Pasco County Historical Preservation Society, Inc., d/b/a Friends of Hernando County's Historic Cemeteries, has been actively involved with the preservation and restoration Hernando County's historic and older cemeteries and we have made this work a top priority.  This tedious and wide ranged preservation and restoration work includes but is not limited to historic research, field research and investigation, headstone transcriptions, headstone repair and restoration, burial locating, mapping and burial records, and the cleaning and beautification of cemetery property.  All of our cemetery preservation and restoration projects/ services are performed in accordance with guidelines and standards supported by the State Historic Preservation Office and the Historic Tallahassee Preservation Board.  It should be noted that an untrained individual should NEVER attempt any aspect of cemetery preservation or restoration work as this can often cause irreversible damages and/ or the loss of valuable historic resources.  Please see our Cemetery Preservation and Restoration page for more information.

The list below is our Hernando County Cemeteries- Master Index.  Our master index includes all historically documented cemeteries in Hernando County, some of which no longer exist.  Those cemeteries that no longer exist have been marked or deemed as a ghost cemetery.  Each active link contains photographs, burial records, and/or historical documentation.  These links are updated on a regular basis as burials are performed and research is compiled.  If you have any addtional photographs, names, or documentation please contact us so that we can update our records.

  1. Aripeka Cemetery (a.k.a. Gulf Key Cemetery)
  2. Baker Hill Cemetery
  3. Bayport Cemetery
  4. Bishop Cemetery
  5. Blackman Cemetery
  6. Brooksville African American Cemetery
  7. Brooksville Catholic/ Olive Street Cemetery
  8. Brooksville Cemetery (*IMPORTANT  PUBLIC  NOTICE*) 
  9. Buck Place Cemetery
  10. Centralia Cemetery (ghost cemetery)
  11. Chinsegut Hill Cemetery
  12. Colding- Clark Family Cemetery
  13. Coogler Family Cemetery- downtown Brooksville (ghost cemetery)
  14. Easter Cemetery
  15. Enville African American Cemetery
  16. Freeman African American Cemetery (ghost cemertery)
  17. Fort Taylor African American Cemetery
  18. Giddens Homestead Cemetery
  19. Haynes Private Cemetery
  20. Hope Hill Cemetery
  21. Johnson Cew Cemetery
  22. Kalon Cemetery
  23. Lake Lindsey African American Cemetery
  24. Lake Lindsey (white)
  25. Langs African American Cemetery
  26. Lykes Family Cemetery
  27. Marchand Cemetery
  28. Masaryktown Cemetery
  29. May Family Cemetery- ghost cemetery
  30. McGeachey Cemetery
  31. McMinn Place African American Cemetery
  32. McMinn Place Cemetery (white)
  33. Mickler Family Cemetery (two graves)
  34. Mills "Old" Cemetery- (four graves)
  35. Mills "New" Family Cemetery
  36. Mitchell Cemetery
  37. New Church Cemetery
  38. Old Still African American Cemetery
  39. Oriole African American Cemetery
  40. Spring Hill African American Cemetery
  41. Spring Hill Cemetery- a.k.a. Ayers-Simmons or Confederate Cemetery
  42. Spring Lake Cemetery
  43. Polish Catholic/ St. Stanislaus Cemetery
  44. Thompson/ Coogler Cemetery
  45. Tooke Lake Cemetery
  46. Tucker Hill Cemetery
  47. Twin Lakes African American Cemetery
  48. Walls Cemetery
  49. Wiscon African American Cemetery

"The reader is assured that if the cemeteries in his town are kept in good order, this Dream is not leveled at his town at all, but is leveled particularly and venomously at the next town.

Taken from "A Curious Dream" by Mark Twain, suggested reading.

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